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Aviagra Fertility Supplement

Aviagra Fertility Supplement for your birds love life. Treating them not only just regular food but a mixture of vitamins E and essentials amino acids which are best form of in Avitec product have name Aviagra – it’s a fertility supplement and contains natural tangerine flavor base. when starting breeding season start using aviagra 3…

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Helps Birds come into Breeding Condition

Fertility Fertility can be a problem in any species of bird. The way we deal with this is to look at how wild birds breed. They chose new sappy seeds, which contain high levels of protein and naturally occurring antioxidants like vitamin E. In our aviaries we tend to feed very low protein diets. These…

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Coryza Treatment

Coryza Treatment An acute inflammation of the sinuses and respiratory tract. Symptoms can be sneezing, discharge from the nasal openings and sometimes difficulty breathing. Separate any birds that are showing symptoms (Coryza Treatment) and place in a warm hospital cage. Start by giving Guardian Angel to the whole flock. Those that are not showing symptoms…

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