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is the result of the famous two breeds, a poodle and a cavalier King Charles spaniel. Therefore, known as cavoodles in the parts of Australia and mostly cavapoo in the UK. These are also known as designer dogs in America during 1950 because they are part of the scenes and fashion show since then. This is the cutest breed of all the dogs just the way it looks and by its behaviour.

As tiny as a stuffed toy

The height of the cavapoo is 33 cm to 45 cm that is 12 inches to 17 inches. They weighed approximately 5kg to 10kg. They are too small to handle by the children around as they can injure the little ones. They are having a cute round face with droopy ear and wide beautiful eyes, as is the mixture of both the breeds.

Walking in style

These tiny dogs have high stepped gait like the poodle, which looked classy and elegant.

The hairy coat

Every dog is different from the other in means of size, height, and in colour. This is the same with the coat, wavy hair inherited from the poodle, and the silky got from the cavalier. The colour depends on the parents of the breed like white, black, gold, chestnut, tricolour (tan, black, and white) and Blenheim (white, and chestnut).

Low shedding

The shedding of the coat depends upon the breed, some shed more, and some shed less coat. Even if the breeder says that there is no shedding still, it is a dog, no one can know about it. If the breed is pure according to generation, then the chances are of low shedding coat or no shedding.

Cavapoo Health

The life span of the cavapoo is 13 to 15 years with proper care and feeding quality of food at the right time. Like other breeds, they also suffer from some of the hereditary diseases from their parents and are way essential to know before adopting it. Some of the conditions that affect the poodle and cavalier are syringomyelia, mitral valve disease, hereditary cataracts, hip dysplasia, a luxating patella, progressive retinal atrophy, various types of cancer, basal cell tumours, epilepsy, skin issues and many more. Vaccinations should be the foremost priority of health for dogs that should be given right after birth and next according to the vet.

Feeding the right proportion of food for cute cavapoo

The feeding schedule is given by the breeder, so he should be fed accordingly. There would be no tummy upset if they are given the wrong portion or something new. It will take some time to set their feeding routine as the food is given according to the weight, but the adults are given twice a day with the quantity of food, including all the nutrients. As the dogs weighed 5 kg has to be fed 69g to 90g, weighed 8kg with 110g to 144g, and weighed 10kg with 138g to 181g.

Friendly and loving natured of cavapoo

Cavapoos are known as a family dog because of their loving and friendly nature. They inherit excellent characteristics from their parent breed. They love to play with children and mix up in a new house very quickly. These dogs are all-rounder, comfortable with everyone and everything, either they fit into any type of atmosphere of the house just due to their charming nature and are adaptable. They can easily go with the children and different pets around. They are attention seekers as they are not attended or being ignored, will develop some behavioural and mental issues.

cavapoo Intelligence with training

They are the most intelligent dogs on the planet just because of the crossbreed between two intelligent dogs, poodle and cavalier. Therefore, their training is easy and enjoyable, but the training has to be started once the dog is in the house as it will be much more comfortable, not to wait to be an adult. They tend to be a little naughty when it’s home training and take time, but once they got it, they are the most obedient dog. The commands they trained to sit, stand, run, lay down, be quiet, bed, and more.


This is the active dog, and they run in the house all day long, so it’s easier to make them exercised. They can be involved in activities like catching a ball or take them for a long walk and play with them. Excessive exercising since childhood results in weak bones and makes it difficult for them even to walk.


Every dog is different from the others, so it is known that the coat which shed less like the poodles are hypoallergenic, where the owner doesn’t get any allergy because of low shedding. But not all the dogs are the same, and the cavapoo is also in the category. This is a myth that the coat shedding cause allergies; in fact, the dead skin cells fall out of dogs to tend to trigger allergies.

Maintaining the looks of cavapoo

The grooming of the dogs is considered to be very important, but to maintain cavapoos look is way more serious. In fact, they are low shedding, but their coat is to be maintained by cutting and brushing their silky hair daily. You can use clips to tie their front hair, give them a bath, cut their nails, clean the tear below the eye strand, clear out the wax from the ear, during the bath rub the back and belly properly, and the excretory areas as well. The things needed for grooming are a pin, metal full teeth comb, tweezers, nail clippers, detangler, a pair of round round-ended specific shampoo and conditioner.

Cavapoo as watchdogs

They are the best watchdogs, and they can sniff the danger in the air and start barking. They bark at the strangers entering their house.

Approximate budget to care for a cavapoo

Buying a dog is not only the money for insurance but the food, the vaccination, the vet check-ups, and grooming, these all things count. The approximate budget of the month is £50 to £80, and yearly is £800.

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