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Coryza Treatment

Coryza Treatment An acute inflammation of the sinuses and respiratory tract. Symptoms can be sneezing, discharge from the nasal openings and sometimes difficulty breathing.

Separate any birds that are showing symptoms (Coryza Treatment) and place in a warm hospital cage. Start by giving Guardian Angel to the whole flock. Those that are not showing symptoms will get an immune boost from the Guardian Angel. Those that are showing symptoms, the Guardian Angel will help them to fight off the infection. You may also want to use Wheeze-Eeze Ready To Use and CalciBoost.

Wheeze-Eeze will help to open the airways helping the bird to breathe a little better. It also contains anti-bacterial properties, so should also help rid any infection in the respiratory tract.

There have been a number of studies into respiratory issues suggesting a correlation with calcium deficiencies. Calcium is involved in the production of mucous and the movements of the cells that move the mucous up and out of the lungs and air sacs. As the mucous is cleared from the airways it takes germs with it. When the mucous is not correctly formed or moved the germs get into the lungs and air sacs. So use CalciBoost 5 days a week when your bird has a respiratory problem.

Dosage rates:
Guardian Angel – 1 level teaspoon per 150ml of water – Daily
Wheeze-Eeze Ready To Use – Spray above bird and let the droplets float down for the bird to breathe in. Use twice a day.
CalciBoost Liquid – 3ml per 150ml of water – 5 days per week

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