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Technical analysis
Technical analysis is generally favored by beginner traders because of its ease in providing entry signals. Plus, looking for trading signals with indicators and price patterns has become a kind of ritual. However, as trading experience increases, the more we are aware of the weaknesses of technical analysis.
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Instead of continuing to experience similar errors over and over again, a trader must learn to improve his shortcomings. If all this time you have continued to rely on trading signals from technical analysis but are still losing money, then this is the time to open your eyes.
Why Traders Cannot Rely Completely on Technical Analysis?
The following are some of the main points of weakness in technical analysis:
1. Technical analysis only displays past data.افضل موقع توصيات اجنبي

The weakness of technical analysis lies in the fact that the chart only displays records of price changes, whether in the form of candlesticks, bars or line charts. Yup, the keywords are "notes" or record price changes. In other words, the chart only presents the range of price movements from the past to the current time.
The implication, as sophisticated or accurate as any technical analysis, really cannot "predict" where prices will move next. Even though with the help of RSI class leading indicators and Stochastic Oscillators, the risk of fake signals (fake signals) still has the potential to harm your account.

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