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Helps Birds come into Breeding Condition


Fertility can be a problem in any species of bird. The way we deal with this is to look at how wild birds breed. They chose new sappy seeds, which contain high levels of protein and naturally occurring antioxidants like vitamin E. In our aviaries we tend to feed very low protein diets. These diets do not provide the nutrients to indicate that the food is getting better to be able to breed and rear their young.

The way that we help with fertility is to provide either ProBoost SuperMax or EasyBird Super Breeder. Both of these have high usable protein in them and lots of antioxidants. Start by giving low doses about 8 to 12 weeks before pairing. Gradually over this period of time build it up to the full dose. This should very close to pairing your birds. Carry on with the full dose throughout breeding and while chicks are being reared.
If you are using just ProBoost SuperMax, we would also recommend using a full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement like Daily Essentials3 and also a chelated calcium supplement like CalciBoost. These products will help with the general health of the bird and make sure that they are at their peak for breeding.

If you are going to use EasyBird Super Breeder, it already has the vitamins and chelated calcium in as well as ProBoost SuperMax.

Add any of these supplements to eggfood, soft food, fruits, vegetables or soaked pulses.

Dosage rates:
ProBoost SuperMax – Full dose – 1 level teaspoon per 8 pairs of budgerigars – Daily
Daily Essentials3 – 1 level teaspoon per 20 pairs of budgerigars – Daily
CalciBoost – Liquid – 1 ml per 8 budgerigars – 5 days a week
– Powder – 1 level teaspoon per 40 budgerigars – 5 days a week

EasyBird Super Breeder – 1 ¼ teaspoon per 10 pairs of budgerigars – 5 to 6 days per week.

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