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Birbo Premium Puppies Dogs Food

Birbo Premium Puppies Dogs Food 1kg


Birbo Premium Puppies Dogs Food is developed to meet the nutritional needs of growing dogs. At this stage of life, the need for nutrients and energy is huge. Quality ingredients, proteins, vitamins and minerals for proper development of muscle mass and bones. Contains powdered milk, a source of calcium for the development of teeth, healthy bones and a special flavor as a plus. It contains extract of Yucca Schidigera that acts at the intestinal level, improving the absorption of nutrients and reducing the odor of feces. Birbo Puppies is a complete, balanced and tasty nutrition so that your puppy grows healthy and becomes a strong and energetic adult dog.

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Birbo Premium Puppies Dogs Food 1kg

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Product Description

Birbo Premium Puppies Dogs Food includes Ground whole corn, broken rice, poultry viscera meal, beef and bone meal, corn gluten meal 60, wheat bran, poultry fat, palatability additive, vitamins, minerals, dried whole milk, brewer dried yeast, salt, Yucca schidigera antioxidants, BHA & BHT.

Birbo Premium Puppies Dog Food Guaranteed Analisis
Crude Protein (min.) 270g/kg (27%)
Crude Fat (min.) 100g/kg (10%)
Crude Fiber (max.) 30g/kg (3%)
Ash (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Calcium (min./max.) 10g/kg-20g/kg (1,0% – 2,0%)
Phosphorus (min./max) 8000mg/kg-16g/kg (0,8 – 1,6%)
Sodium (min.) 2000mg/kg (0,2%)
Saponin (min.) 7mg/kg
Moisture (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Metabolizable Energy 3560kcal/kg


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