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Breedmax one of the most popular product to improve fertility and breeding condition in cage birds and pigeons.

Breedmax is suitable for all birds, including
– Softbills,
– Canaries,
– Budgies,
– Finches,
– Waxbills,
– Parrots,
– Parakeets,
– Poultry,
– Pigeons,
– Pheasants,
– Partridges
– Ducks.

– Outside the breeding season: offer breedmax twice weekly in the egg-foods or other types of soft-foods.
– During the breeding season: offer breedmax daily in the egg-foods or other types of soft-foods.
– Dosage: Add 5 to 10g of Breedmax per 100g of food: note the provided measuring scoop is 12g.


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Product Description

Breedmax Protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for birds. Breedmax has been scientifically developed by vets for better egg yolk resorption, better development of the internal organs and provides important amino acids to growth and plumage.

Breedmax provides the necessary minerals and trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, cobalt, manganese, is present in sufficient quantities. A well absorbable calcium compound and the right calcium-phosphorus ratio are important in the prevention of egg binding. The vitamin contents will supply the birds daily needs. Extra supplements of the most important vitamins for birds (Vit. A, E, B3 and PP) have been added. This composition guarantees optimal health and fertility.

Breedmax contains:
– Calcium
– Potassium
– Phosphorus
– Magnesium
– Sodium
– Chlorine

amino Acids
– Alamina
– Arginine
– Carnitine
– Hill
– Cysteine
– Phenylalanine
– Folinic acid
– Histidine
– Isoleucine
– Leucine
– Proline
– Serina
– Threonine
– Tryptophan
– Tyrosine
– Lysine
– Methionine
– Methionine
– Valine

– Iodine
– Cobalt
– Copper
– Manganese
– Selenium
– Iron
– Zinc

– Vitamin (IU / IU)
– VitaminB1
– VitaminB2
– VitaminB3
– VitaminB6
– VitaminB12
– VitaminC
– VitaminD3
– Vitamine
– VitaminK
– VitaminPP / B5
– Biotin (H)
– Linoleic acid
– Lactose
– Fruit – oligosaccharide
– Nucleotide

In adult birds the supplement ensures good condition and fertility. Suitable for all birds and poultry.


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