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Factor 5 by MEDPET

Medpet Factor 5


A unique combination remedy against Mycoplasmosis, Canker (Trichomonas), Coccidiosis, Roundworm (Ascarids) and Hairworm (Capillaria) with added vitamins.

CONTAINS: Tylosine Tartrate, Amprolium, Ronidazole, Levamisol HCL, Tylosin, Vitamin B2 (5-Phos), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Ascorbic acid.

Available size: 50g


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Medpet Factor 5

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Product Description

Medpet Factor 5

  1. The combination contains Tylosin, Ronidazole, Amprolium, Levamisole and a selection of vitamins.  All of them being tried and trusted over a long period of time.pecial formulation ensures that the danger of overdosing with Tylocin is minimized.
  2. The Ronidazole/ Amprolium part of the combination complement each other. Act Synergistically.  The same effect we get with Ronamp.
  3. Levamisole, apart from being an effective dewormer is also well known as an immune booster. In this way it also makes the other active ingredients more effective.
  4. Vitamins speed up recovery.
  5. Has been found to enhance race form and induce “down feather drop”.


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