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Monello Cat Food Salmon, Tuna & Chicken

Monello Cat Food Salmon, Tuna & Chicken 1kg/7kg


Monello Cat Food Salmon, Tuna & Chicken is a special premium product developed for adult cats with demanding palate, which provides maximum nutrition. It is added by Taurine, which promotes eyes and heart health of the feline, and contains selected ingredients that aid in the prevention of urinary calculus, promoting high digestibility. Monello Cat Salmon, Tuna & Chicken also presents stuffed nuggets for a meal with many flavors.


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Monello Cat Food Salmon, Tuna & Chicken 1kg/7kg

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Product Description

Monello Cat Food Salmon, Tuna & Chicken includes, Poultry viscera meal, Ground whole Corn, corn gluten meal 60, broken rice, wheat bran, fish protein concentrate, poultry fat, palatability additive, wheat flour, flaxseed, brewers dried yeast, sunflower oil, olive oil, vitamins, minerals, salt, taurine, DL-methionine, Choline Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Yucca schidigera extract, acidity regulator additive, colorings, potassium sorbate, propionic acid BHA & BHT.

Monello Cat Food Salmon, Tuna & Chicken Guaranteed Analisis
Crude protein (min.) 310g/kg (31%)
Crude fat (min.) 120g/kg (12%)
Crude fiber (max.) 30g/kg (3%)
Ash (max.) 80g/kg (8%)
Calcium (min./max.) 10g/kg – 16g/kg (1,0% – 1,6%)
Phosphorus (min./max.) 8000mg/kg – 16g/kg (0,8% – 1,6%)
Sodium (min.) 2500mg/kg (0,25%)
Magnesium (min./max.) 700mg/kg – 1000mg/kg (0,07% – 0,1%)
Potassium (min.) 5000mg/kg
Ômega 3 (mín.) 2000mg/kg (0,2%)
Ômega 6 (mín.) 20g/kg (2%)
Saponin (min.) 10mg/kg
Taurine (min.) 1000mg/kg
Methionine (min.) 6200mg/kg
Choline (min.) 2000mg/kg
Vitamin E (min.) 200UI/kg
Vitamin C (min.) 100mg/kg
Zinc (min.) 130mg/kg
Selenium (min.) 0,3mg/kg
Moisture (max.) 100g/kg (10%)
Metabolizable Energy 3880kcal/kg


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